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Love to read? Great! We want to hear from you — we are always looking for avid readers to recommend new and old favorites. Simply fill out the form below and include a brief review -- 3-5 sentences, perhaps -- of a book you read and loved.

Here are some helpful things to consider when writing:

  • Imagine you’re briefly telling a friend why they should read this. Why might they like it?

  • Is it fantasy? A mystery? Realistic fiction? A graphic novel? Describe the book a bit.

  • Did you have a favorite character, place, or moment in the book?

  • Have fun! Don't overthink it -- the best reviews try to capture the interest of the reader, give them a brief taste of the book, and leave them wanting more. 

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Publishers send ARCs, advance reading copies, or galleys, to bookstores and reviewers months before a book's publication date in hope of starting a buzz. We are happy to share these early copies of books with anyone interested in providing us with thoughtful reviews. If interested in being an advance reader, we will email you periodically when we have a selection of age-appropriate ARCs to choose from.