Thu, Jan 25, 7PM — Nancy Schön, author of MAKE WAY FOR NANCY: A LIFE IN PUBLIC ART

Although Nancy came to public art late in life, she more than made up for it. ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ in Boston’s Copley Square greet Boston Marathon runners as they cross the finish line, McCloskey’s ‘Sal’s Bear’ graces Maine’s Botanical Gardens, as do Lentil and His Dog in Hamilton, Ohio. Each of them posed unique challenges and each generated original, unforgettable results. Here the focus is on her major public projects and commissions: how they came about, and who, and what, inspired them. And the book is hands on. She explains what goes into making a beautiful and tactile work of public art, from the wax maquettes to the casting in bronze, from dealing with budgets and logistics to the diplomacy required for dealing with public places and elected officials. Her story offers encouragement to anyone trying to express themselves, whether artist, athlete, dancer, musician or writer, for she demonstrates that drive and determination (when coupled with an undeniable talent) can overcome any roadblock and produce remarkable results.

This book is entertaining, informative and inspirational. It will appeal to art lovers, park lovers, animal lovers, and lovers of stories about remarkable women.