Babble on: A Drug Memoir (MP3 CD)

Babble on: A Drug Memoir By Andrew Brobyn, Jamie Renell (Read by) Cover Image
By Andrew Brobyn, Jamie Renell (Read by)
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A mid-level drug trafficker and self-proclaimed low-life with a big vocabulary comes to terms with his actions and his mental health. Andrew Brobyn's relationship was in shambles before he took the terrible acid that sent him on an almost decade-long journey seeking redemption. His immediate plans following university were to liquidate his illicit assets, sell his client list, pack up shop, and retire to his parents' home in Toronto, while he figured out what to do with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a quarter million in cash. As his drug use and bipolar disorder spiral, his situation gets stranger and stranger, taking him from his university campus to strip clubs, psych wards, and the slammer. Equal parts hilarious and terrifying, Babble On is a psycho-philosophical memoir that tracks Brobyn as he navigates the consequences of his eccentric choices and struggles with profound ambivalence toward his own health and well-being.

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ISBN: 9798212310253
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
Language: English