God Whispered, "I've Got This." (Paperback)

God Whispered,
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God Whispered "I've Got This" is a documentary of my real-life faith journey, where I tell my story as a caregiver. I share personal struggles when, at times, our lives were hanging on by a thread. Each time we thought we had risen to meet the challenge, we faced a new health battle just around the corner.I speak to the many emotions I experienced as a caregiver while watching my loved one heroically fight each battle with determination and relentless gratitude. He always focused on the positive side of things, and although they were hard to find in many instances, he never stopped looking. Sometimes I struggled and doubted, but in my darkest hours, I gently heard God whisper, "I've got this." I describe my personal faith journey, sharing both the good and bad days. But thankfully, God sustained me throughout each and every struggle. He gave me my gift of caregiving and brought me through the valleys to the mountain top where He revealed the beauty and absolute peace of the final sunset.

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ISBN: 9781955541213
ISBN-10: 1955541213
Publisher: Fuzionpress
Publication Date: August 8th, 2023
Pages: 254
Language: English