Stop Drinking: Get Sober, Stay Free from Alcohol Addiction and Reclaim Your Life (Paperback)

Stop Drinking: Get Sober, Stay Free from Alcohol Addiction and Reclaim Your Life By Carl Power Cover Image
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Are you an alcoholic, desperate for a solution to your addiction?

Is your drinking ruining your life, career and health?

Have you considered hypnosis as a possible treatment?

Being dependent on alcohol can be ruinous for anyone who is unable to control their urge to drink. The impact that it can have on family life, career, and your health can be long-lasting even with treatment but could be permanent if you do not tackle it properly and rid yourself of it for all time.

This book, Quit Drinking will help you to understand the impact that alcohol misuse can have on your life and help you to control it and eventually cure yourself completely, with chapters that cover things like:

  • How alcohol can affect relationships
  • Myths about drug abuse and addiction
  • Why quitting drinking is so hard
  • The causes of alcoholism
  • The effects on your body
  • Breaking the habit and replacing it with something good
  • Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
  • Planning for alcohol relapse
  • Ten common relapse triggers

Breaking the cycle of alcohol addiction isn't easy but it can be done with the amazing techniques described within this book. Within a short period of time, you could significantly reduce and even eliminate alcohol from your life and be healthier and happier as a result.

Even trying out the challenge of cutting alcohol out of your life for just 30 days will help you to reassess your habit and make subtle changes to the way you drink, benefiting you with more energy, better sleep patterns, and improved skin and hydration. Abusing alcohol can be the catalyst for endless problems in your life, so deal with it now, before it's too late.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781802687859
ISBN-10: 1802687858
Publisher: Amplitudo Ltd
Publication Date: September 11th, 2021
Pages: 146
Language: English