Is This Normal?: Judgement-Free Straight Talk about Your Body (Compact Disc)

Is This Normal?: Judgement-Free Straight Talk about Your Body By Jolene Brighten, Jolene Brighten (Read by) Cover Image
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A comprehensive and candid guide to women's health from naturopathic physician, bestselling author, and leader in women's health, Dr. Jolene Brighten.When discussing period pain or mood swings, hormonal imbalance or fertility issues, and all the "down there" concerns, vagina owners everywhere consistently ask their doctors one thing: Is this normal? Whether it was from her patients or her hundreds of thousands of social media followers, Dr. Jolene Brighten has heard this simple question more times than she can count. With only eighteen states (yes, really) requiring medically accurate sexual education, it's no wonder that so many have serious questions that need answers. In Is This Normal?, Dr. Brighten candidly shares what your sex-ed teacher should have said but didn't. TMI isn't a term in her world. She answers all those "lady parts" questions you've always wondered but might not have felt comfortable asking, including topics as wide-ranging as the menstrual cycle, postpartum health, libido, acne, the orgasm gap, and vaginal discharges. No topic is too gross, gooey, or OMG to be off-limits. Featuring a twenty-eight-day plan to take back your cycle and dozens of charts, checklists, and diagrams that help keep it real while keeping you educated, Is This Normal? is the Our Bodies, Ourselves for the social media generation and women everywhere will benefit from this honest, easy-to-understand guide to their bodies.

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ISBN: 9781797155746
ISBN-10: 1797155741
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
Language: English