A Compendium of World Environmental Sites (Paperback)

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The purpose and scope of this Reference Book is to provide selected samples of environmental sites from around the world, using a variety of disciplines text and Google Earth images to explain each of the sites. The WORKING TITLE for the book is "A COMPENDIUM OF GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMAGES/SITES OF EARTH". The selection of the 100 environmental sites to date have been the results of over 30 years of teaching at the university level and another 30 years of experience in being able to look at images (military and unclassified images-thermal infrared, radar mapping systems, and many different digital and conventional film cameras-from mapping cameras to high resolution camera systems. As an experienced image analysist, plus years of marketing to Oil and Gas Exploration Managers and Geologists, added to my years of classroom experience to teach and explore the internet, and more specially the use of the Google Earth Data base as another tool, greatly enhanced my ability to teach geography and some of the earth science courses. After hundreds of telephone calls and numerous emails to public and private school teachers, there is enthusiasm but not enough to buy any of the environmental sites that are now on line. My personal opinion: many classroom teachers don't have the bandwidth to be bothered to investigate a relatively new or different tool to enhance students learning ability ...what could evolve into a life-long tool (access and use of the Google Earth image data base). The book will include web site writeups that include: 1) Water Resources; 2) Natural Resources; Geological Features; Climate Considerations; 5) Desert/Dry Lands; 6) Urban Communities; and 7) Special Categories; such as Man-made Features and Natural Creations...and how to tell the difference. To maximize the full benefit of this book, I strongly recommend that when you use this book as a reference of environmental information, please consider using a reasonably comprehensive World Atlas ($30.

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ISBN: 9781478747987
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Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2017
Pages: 414
Language: English

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