Legacy of Hunger: An Irish Historical Fantasy (Paperback)

Legacy of Hunger: An Irish Historical Fantasy By Christy Nicholas Cover Image
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From dreams to desperation. When the magical secrets of The Emerald Isle beckon, can she discover her destiny?

Pittsburgh, 1846. In the heart of the bustling city, Valentia McDowell is tormented by vivid nightmares.

Within her dreams, she is pursued by unseen creatures, while a mystical family heirloom offers her only hope for survival. But when a devastating fire engulfs her world, she's free to embark on a perilous voyage with her loyal brother ... a voyage which ends in tragedy.

Haunted by grief and consumed by illness, the determined young woman unravels a series of cryptic clues across a famine-stricken Ireland in a desperate mission of finding her lost family and recovering the enchanted brooch entwined with her spirit. But her harrowing journey only uncovers a web of deceit, as her newfound relatives harbor dark agendas and ulterior motives.

When at last she unearths the truth behind her powerful birthright, Valentia must confront the choice laid before her. To claim the life she's always yearned for, she might have to risk everyone she cherishes.

Can Valentia embrace her elusive legacy while protecting those she loves?

Legacy of Hunger is the first book in The Druid's Brooch historical fantasy series. If you like determined female characters, immersive authenticity, and a wee touch of fairy magic, then you'll love Christy Nicholas's transatlantic adventure.

Read Legacy of Hunger and discover a cherished family treasure today

Each book in The Druid's Brooch series can be read in any order as a standalone historical fantasy, allowing you to embark on any mesmerizing journey that calls to your soul.

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ISBN: 9781087970165
ISBN-10: 1087970164
Publisher: Green Dragon Publishing
Publication Date: November 14th, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English