Clara Wu and the Warlock: Book Five (Paperback)

Clara Wu and the Warlock: Book Five By Santi Sann (Illustrator), Vincent Yee Cover Image
By Santi Sann (Illustrator), Vincent Yee
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This is the fifth and last book of the Clara Wu Books series, which caps off the fantastical story of Clara Wu, Sung Kim, Yuka Satoh and Daniel Nguyen in the World of Azen. Begin your Asian themed fantasy where pandas, white tigers, red crown cranes, water buffalos and dragons rule, with: Clara Wu and the Portal Book.

- - -
The darkness was crisp as it whizzed by Yuka as she silently flew atop the onyx-covered Guardian Crane. In that dark moment, she could sense the tension along her tensile sleek feathered body. She was about to return to that wretched place as tormented memories haunted her. But this time, she wasn't alone as she turned toward Daniel.

Though it wasn't the goal, Daniel couldn't stop the festering thoughts that he had: Revenge. He had to find a way to atone for what he did and if he could only confront the Warlock, redemption was his. He was confident that with his friends and guardians, they would seize the day as he looked back at Sung.

Eagerness filled Sung and he knew that it stemmed from the possibility of confronting her once more: The gumiho. He could never forgive how he had humiliated him and almost took his life. His eyes looked up and saw the beguiling tranquility in the night sky adorned with moons and stars. They were beautiful he thought as he turned his head toward Clara.

Clara was nervous and calm at the same time as she readjusted her grip on the harness aboard her faithful crane, Shiori. The squadrons were like whispers of feathered missiles shooting through the darkness and she felt emboldened, yet she couldn't help but feel some apprehension. But her thoughts were interrupted when the squadrons of cranes started to slow down as they assumed their circling holding patterns. They were cloaked in darkness until she heard the squawk. The battle to end all battles had begun.

- - -
This is Book 5, the final book in this exciting Clara Wu and the World of Azen series. Begin your fantastical adventures with Book 1, Clara Wu and the Portal Book, recipient of second place in 2022 The BookFest, followed by The Jade Labyrinth, then The Rescue and onto The Final Battle.

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ISBN: 9780985932077
ISBN-10: 0985932074
Publisher: Vincent Yee
Publication Date: November 24th, 2022
Pages: 198
Language: English