Clara Wu and the Rescue: Book 3 (Paperback)

Clara Wu and the Rescue: Book 3 By Santi Sann (Illustrator), Vincent Yee Cover Image
By Santi Sann (Illustrator), Vincent Yee
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This is book three of Clara Wu Books. Clara Wu is excited to rejoin her friends Sung Kim, Yuka Satoh and Daniel Nguyen in preparation for the next battle against the Warlock's demon-spawned army. But a tragic mistake leaves one of her friends in peril and the well laid plans for Azen's defense are put in jeopardy. Everything hinges on Clara embarking on a daring rescue mission to save her friend, from the Warlock.

Clara had been silently flying atop the crane for some time. The knots in her stomach were twisted so tight, she thought they would sheer apart at any moment and tear her insides out. She looked up as the cool night air whisked by her cheeks like sharp daggers. Her eyes looked about her and she could barely see the small stealthy Top Talon squadron against the dark of night. But she knew they were there and were probably as anxious as she was. Everything depended on a successful rescue so that they could make it back in time for the next battle. Without all the Azen Warriors at the battlefront, the Azen armies would not stand a chance against the unrelenting Warlock's army. Azen cannot fall, she thought as she let out a sigh of hopelessness. She thumbed the comforting feel of the Bamboo Jade to calm her anxiousness when her crane whispered, "Empress Warrior Wu, we are almost there." Clara looked up and she saw it in the distance. It was faint but she could make out the large silhouette of some forbidding structure jutting out of a mountain side. It was the Warlock's fortress, and somewhere inside was her fellow warrior that needed rescue before it was too late.

Start your journey with book one, Clara Wu and the Portal Book. Be immersed in a fantasy where Asian American readers can see themselves in story as heroes and where their allies can see them as heroes.

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ISBN: 9780985932053
ISBN-10: 0985932058
Publisher: Vincent Yee
Publication Date: May 18th, 2022
Pages: 184
Language: English