Crystal Stairs (Paperback)

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Sunlight attempted once again to barge its way through the crack in the palatial window dressings in my master bedroom. What used to be a welcome indication that a new day has arrived has long been a reminder that I had to wake up and face reality. Picture perfect may be just that--perfect, but only in the picture. Jewel lives like her life is flawless, but deep down, she needs some answers. Each day she yearns for the truth, until she decides to find out what happened to the son she gave birth to as teenager. Digging into the past, she uncovers a duplicitous taboo topic and a big skeleton in the closet for her upstanding, religious family. The rape she suffered at the hands of a once-trusted clergy friend of her father was swept under the rug. Jewel finds her son in the Deep South cradled in the comfort of a loving church family. She begins the tumultuous journey of healing, but she must still reconcile herself with her rapist and her sons adopted family. In this gripping and candid look at the realistic lives of women from all walks, author Kimberly Smith compels readers to wonder if Jewel can learn to love the life God has given her or if her sometimes sarcastic and privileged persona will prevent her from forgiving the men whove failed her. Read more to find out how Jewel climbs her own Crystal Stairs.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578202891
ISBN-10: 0578202891
Publisher: K.D. Smith
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2012
Pages: 282
Language: English