How to help your alcoholic (Paperback)

How to help your alcoholic By Stan West Cover Image
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Nobody chooses to become an alcoholic. People that become alcoholics are born with certain mental characteristics that make them vulnerable to addiction. Alcoholics are trapped by instinctive survival processes that have misconnected themselves into a feedback loop that compels them to drink. This compulsion is as urgent as that which makes us struggle to the surface when we are held underwater.

Alcoholism is a progressive illness, and un-checked will result in the sufferer's early death; from organ failure, accident, or suicide. But alcoholics can recover.

The alcoholic's struggle is not with the bottle but with their own mind. Their addiction is every bit as mentally capable as they are, except their mind tells them lies about alcohol and uses instinctive processes to direct their behaviour. It is not a fair fight. If you have a partner, spouse, family member or close friend whose drinking is causing problems then they need help.

They need help because they can't help themselves.

It is possible to help someone overcome a major drinking problem, and this book shows you how to set about it.

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ISBN: 9780473448332
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Publisher: How to Help Your Alcoholic
Publication Date: July 21st, 2018
Pages: 194
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